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How to install a refrigerator





Your refrigerator was packed carefully for shipment. Remove and discard shelf packaging and tape. Do not remove the serial plate.




• Do not install refrigerator near oven, radiator or other heat source. If not possible, shield refrigerator with cabinet material.


• Do not install where temperature falls below 55° F (13° C) or rises above 110° F (43° C). Malfunction may occur at this temperature.


• Refrigerator is designed for indoor household application only.


Measuring the Opening


When installing your refrigerator, measure carefully. Allow 1⁄2” space at top and 1⁄2” space behind the machine compartment cover (located in the rear) for proper air circulation.


Subflooring or floor coverings (i.e. carpet, tile, wood floors, rugs) may make your opening smaller than anticipated.


Some clearance may be gained by using the leveling procedure under Leveling.


IMPORTANT: If refrigerator is to be installed into a recess where the top of the refrigerator is completely covered, use distance from floor to top of hinge cap to verify proper clearance.


Transporting Your Refrigerator


• NEVER transport refrigerator on its side. If an upright position is not possible, lay refrigerator on its back. Allow refrigerator to sit upright for approximately 30 minutes before plugging it in to assure oil returns to the compressor. Plugging the refrigerator in immediately may cause damage to internal parts.


• Use an appliance dolly when moving refrigerator. ALWAYS truck refrigerator from its side or back–NEVER from its front.


• Protect outside finish of refrigerator during transport by wrapping cabinet in blankets or inserting padding between the refrigerator and dolly.


• Secure refrigerator to dolly firmly with straps or bungee cords. Thread straps through handles when possible. Do not over tighten. Over tightening restraints may dent or damage outside finish.


Glass Panel Doors (select models)


To avoid possible injury, product or property damage, observe the following:


• When working directly on the doors, protect thedoor corners and sides by placing doors on a nonabrasive surface protected by towels or rugs.


• Protect the glass panel sides when securing the unit to a dolly. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! Over tightening the restraints may shatter the glass which could cause personal injury.


• DO NOT carry or transport removed doors by the handles.


• Fully tighten handle set screws when installing the door handles.






To protect property and refrigerator from damage, observe the following:

• Protect vinyl or other flooring with cardboard, rugs, or other protective material.

• Do not use power tools when performing leveling procedure.


To enhance the appearance and maintain performance, the refrigerator should be level.



• Complete any required door reversal, panel installation and/or a water supply connection, before leveling.


Materials Needed:


• 3⁄8” hex head driver

• Carpenter’s level

1. Remove toe grille.

• Grasp firmly and pull outward to unclip.


2. Remove bottom hinge cover(s).

• Place the eraser end of a pencil or similar blunt tool in the cover notch.


• Use slight pressure to pry the cover loose.


• Continue to maintain downward pressure to the notched side of the cover while swinging it off.


3. Using hex head driver, turn the front adjustment screws (A) on each side to raise or lower the front of the refrigerator.



• Some models only have adjustment screws “A.”


4. Using the hex head driver, turn each of these adjustment screws (B) to raise or lower the rear of the refrigerator.


5. Using the carpenter’s level, make sure front of refrigerator is 1⁄4” (6 mm) or 1⁄2 bubble higher than back of refrigerator and that the refrigerator is level from side to side.


6. Turn stabilizing legs (C) clockwise until firmly against floor.


7. Turn adjustment screws (A) counterclockwise to allow the full weight of the refrigerator to rest on the stabilizing legs.


8. Replace bracket cover(s).


• Position cover into the outer edge of the hinge.


• Swing the cover toward the cabinet and snap it

into place.


9. Replace the toe grille.



• For proper reinstallation, ensure the “top” marking on the interior of the toe grille is oriented correctly.

• Align the toe grille mounting clips with the lower cabinet slots.

• Push the toe grille firmly until it snaps into place.


Door and Drawer Removal


Some installations require door/drawer removal to transport the refrigerator to its final location.


To avoid electrical shock which can cause severe personal injury or death, observe the following:

• Disconnect power to refrigerator before removing doors or drawer. Connect power only after replacing doors or drawer.



To avoid damage to walls and flooring, protect vinyl r other flooring with cardboard, rugs or other rotective material.


1. Unplug power cord from power source.


2. Remove toe grille and bottom hinge cover(s) .


3. Remove top hinge cover from refrigerator door by removing Phillips screw and retain screw and cover for later use.

4. Unscrew 5⁄16” hex head screws from top hinge to remove hinge and retain all screws for later use.


5. Lift right side refrigerator door from center hinge pin. Remove door closure from center hinge pin on the right side and retain for later use.


6. Disconnect wire harness on top of left side refrigerator door top hinge.


Release two-pin connector by pressing junction point with a flat blade screwdriver or fingernail. Green ground wire remains attached to the hinge.


7. Unscrew 5⁄16” hex head screws from top hinge to remove hinge and retain for later use. Lift left side refrigerator door, along with top hinge, from center hinge pin.4.


Remove center hinge pin with a 5⁄16” hex head driver and retain hinge pin for later use.


8. Remove Phillips screws to remove right and left hinges and retain all screws for later use.


9. Remove both stabilizing brackets with 3⁄8” hex head driver and retain screws for later use.


Pullout Freezer Drawer

(select models)



To prevent accidental child entrapment or suffocation risk, do not remove the divider in the top freezer basket.




To avoid electrical shock which can cause severe personal injury or death, disconnect power to refrigerator before removing doors. After replacing doors, connect power.




To avoid possible injury, product, or property damage, you will need two people to perform the following instructions.


To Remove:


1. Pull drawer open to full extension.


2. Tilt the lower basket forward and lift to remove.


3. On each white drawer bracket is a basket cradle with two snap attachments. To release each cradle, unlatch the snaps by pushing them inward, away from the side bracket. Lift the cradles off of the rails.


4. Remove Phillips screw from each of the drawer slides (select models).


5. Lift top of drawer front to unhook the drawer from the slides. Lift door front out to



To Install:


1. Pull both rails out to full extension.


2. While supporting door front, hook supports into slots located on inside of each slide.



• All four drawer bracket supports must be in the proper slots for the drawer to function properly.


3. Lower door front into final position.


4. Replace and tighten Phillips screws that were removed from the drawer slides (select models).


5. Place the basket cradles back onto the drawer slides. Align basket cradle snaps with the slots on the drawer brackets and press each cradle towards the bracket until it clicks.


6. Tilt the lower basket front down and set it down into the basket cradles.


Door Reinstallation


1. Install hinge assemblies:

• Install center hinge with Phillips screws.


2. Place hinge side of refrigerator door on center hinge pin.

• Install top hinge with 5⁄16” hex head screws.


3. While holding refrigerator door upright, tighten down top hinge with 5⁄16” hex head driver.


4. Reconnect two-pin connector.


5. Replace top hinge covers.


Handles (style varies by model)


This handle style is installed at the factory. Style may vary by model.


Materials Needed:

• 3⁄32” allen wrench


To Remove:

• Remove set screw from handle mounting post using the 3⁄32” allen wrench.

• Repeat the procedure on all posts to remove the handle.


To replace:

• Align handle with the mounting posts.

¨ Fully tighten all set screws to secure handle in place.



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